Loved One in Jail? Save Him With Bail!

Loved One in Jail? Save Him With Bail!

You can get a bail bond right here in Gastonia, NC

What’s a bail bond? It’s basically a “Get Out of Jail Cheap” card. You pay us a portion of the bail, and your loved one doesn’t have to stay in jail until the trial. Bail bonds cover just about all criminal charges, from traffic violations to violent offenses.

How do bail bonds work? They’re actually a great way to save money in the short term and the long run. You’ll pay 10-15% of the bail upfront, and, as long as the accused makes it to court, that’s all you’ll have to pay. Call Alpha Omega Bail Bonding LLC today to schedule a free, private consultation.

What can Alpha Omega Bail Bonding do for you?

Has your loved one been locked up? Don’t panic! Let Alpha Omega Bail Bonds assist you with the following services:

  • Appeal bonds
  • Arrest warrant assistance
  • Bail bonds
  • Bail information
  • Collateral negotiation
  • Collateral not required on all bonds
  • Cosigners on all bonds
  • Federal bonds
  • Free bail advice
  • Mobile services
  • Notary services
  • State bonds
  • Surety bonds

Ready to get started? Call 704-675-5658 for more information.

In some special cases we will even do home consultations to accommodate your disabled or handicapped family members, and those without reliable transportation.