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Get your relative out of that jail cell! You don’t have to wait until the court date to see your loved one again.

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Your loved one shouldn’t have to waste away in a jail cell over a petty crime. Help your friend or family member get back to work, secure childcare or pay for other life necessities when you call Alpha Omega Bail Bonding LLC. 

If your relative has been arrested, then this is likely an emotional time for you and your family. That’s why Alpha Omega Bail Bonding works hard to make it easy for you to get a bail bond. Call today for free bail advice from a knowledgeable bondsman.

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Our clients in Gastonia, NC and Lincolnton, NC choose Alpha Omega over the rest because we:

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Your family member is in jail—now what?

So, you’ve gotten that dreaded collect phone call from your brother. You’re upset that he’s in this position, but you also don’t think he should have to wait in jail until his trial. Show your unending love for him by bailing him out.

Not familiar with the bail bond process? We’re by your side every step of the way to simplify the process for you. So what’s the first step? If you're in need of a bondsman near Lincolnton, NC or Gastonia, NC, call Alpha Omega today for a consultation.